We consider it a great achievement that today all Russian vessels are equipped with 6MX marine chronometers.
6MX highly accurate marine timepieces are included in Lloyd’s Register for ships as an essential navigation appliance.

6MX marine chronometer has a unique hand-assembled movement with a detent escapement and 15 jewel bearings and a diamond pivot jewel.

Due to its excellent specifications, the 6MX Marine Chronometer is one of the most coveted models for watch collectors.



Deck watch is a precision watch used for navigational purposes on a ship. This timepiece displays the precise time down to the second.

This model is designed with a chrome-plated and a gold-plated case with a transparent case back to enjoy looking at the movement. All movement parts of the deck watch are gold-plated.

This timepiece is maintained in a varnished wooden box.

Every single 6MX watch is fully handmade. This means these environmentally friendly one-of-a-kind creations perfectly withstand time and display our watchmakers’ craftsmanship, as compared to those made on a mass production assembly line.

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Small series workshop based on the Poljot Watch Factory
in the 1940s.