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Deck Watch Gold-plated

A high-precision watch with a modified deck clock mechanism in a gold-plated case. In the arc-shaped slot on the dial, you can observe the operation of the balance of the watch.

The case of this deck watch is distinguished from the "Ordinary" only by the presence of gilding on the case, crown and "earrings". A combination of rhodium-plated and gold-plated parts is possible. The back cover of all deck clocks is made of mineral glass, which allows you to observe the operation of the mechanism.

Deck clocks are manufactured at our factory under a license purchased during the Soviet Union from the Ulysse Nardin company since 1940. Since 1948, deck clocks have been mass-produced, and since 1977 - with a mechanism already improved by domestic engineers. (You can read more about the history of the 6MX deck clock production HERE.

The mechanism of the deck clock consists of more than 500 parts, each of which is made manually by the factory's craftsmen with high processing accuracy (the permissible error in processing some parts is 0.001 mm – the need to achieve high performance).

The deck clock is supplied in a case made of precious wood. If desired, customers can place a nameplate with an individual inscription on the case or make an engraving on the lid of the case.

It is possible to change the dial and design the watch according to customer requests.

* The period of assembly and verification of deck clocks is from 45 to 60 working days. The full production cycle is at least 1.5 years.

The set includes
Certificate of Conformity

Price: 500 000 ₽
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Small series workshop based on the Poljot Watch Factory
in the 1940s.