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Chronometer “Standard”

This is a marine timepiece with a daily tolerance of +3.5/-3,5 seconds. It is supposed to be used permanently aboard a ship, and it also has high value for collectors. The Standard version is designed with a brass case and is intended for use aboard civil and military vessels. The set includes: Chronometer, Mounting box, Outer carrying box, Fabric case.

*IMPORTANT! It is highly recommended to select the in-store pickup to avoid transportation risks.

Manufacturing takes up to 65 working days.

The 6MX marine chronometer has been produced since 1947. Until 2016, it was registered under the Poljot trademark. Since 2016, the serial name of the chronometer has been registered as a trademark. Deck watches and wristwatches for sailors, yachtsmen with increased water resistance are also branded with the "6МХ" logo.

The marine chronometer consists of more than 1,500 parts, each of them being manufactured in-house. The production of the required parts takes more than 1.5 years. The assembly and testing that follow take another 65 working days.


At the moment, this timekeeping device is unique. Nowhere else on Earth is it produced on such a significant scale as at 6MX. Both military and civilian vessels cannot do without a portable timekeeping device of high accuracy as backups, and knowledge of their use is still a requirement.

All 6MX marine chronometers are serviced and maintained in the main Service Centre only. The 6MX manufacture is not responsible for any damage caused by unauthorised persons or service centres.
The Standard set includes
Certificate of Conformity
Price: upon request
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Small series workshop based on the Poljot Watch Factory
in the 1940s.