9132/777.6.718 "Yaroslav the Wise"

A special series of watches " 777. Yaroslav the Wise" is limited to twenty watches in cases with and without gilding. The insert in the lid of each of these twenty watches is made of metal transferred to the factory by military sailors. With each watch, the Buyer receives a model of the ship " Yaroslav the Wise "from the Severodvinsk workshop"Pomorsky Modelist".

The idea of creating this watch arose several years ago as a result of communication with Naval officers. The topic of ship repair, sawing of old ships, as a result of which metals are recycled for further use, was discussed. Representatives of the watch factory thought about the possibility of manufacturing watch cases from these metals. Contrary to expectations, it turned out that the shipbuilding industry mainly uses alloys that are not suitable for the production of watches – they do not meet the requirements for anti-corrosion properties.

As a result, the cases of the new model are made of stainless steel of the 03X16N15M3 brand. And only some elements of the watch case are made of parts from obsolete civil and military ships of Russia that have stainless properties.

The plant has business and friendly relations with the crew of the storzhevoy ship "Yaroslav the Wise". The marine chronometer "6MX"was manufactured and is undergoing maintenance at our factory.



The ship "Yaroslav the Wise" has the tail number 777. And it was these three digits that gave the article number to the watches that we have been manufacturing since mid-2020.

As a result of the modernization of the patrol ship of the project 11540 "Yaroslav the Wise", the masters of the plant received stainless steel parts that have served their time for processing into watch parts. These details became inserts in the back cover of the model " 777 " of the 6MX watch.




The classic round case with a diameter of 42 mm has a Japanese automatic movement 9132 Miyota. This mechanism was not chosen by chance – along with excellent "running" qualities, the location of the hands of this watch repeats the location of the hands of the marine chronometer "6MX" – a marine instrument of accurate time known to all sailors of the world. Like a marine chronometer, there is a power reserve indicator (up to 40 hours) at the "12" o'clock mark. And between the axis of the hands and the mark " 6 " hours-a 24 – hour scale useful for navigators, (the marine chronometer in this place has a second hand of the clock).

The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. The leather belt has rigid inserts for a tight fit to the body. Each watch is tested for the ability to withstand water pressure of 10 atmospheres.

With inserts on the covers of watches made directly from the metal that served as parts of the warship Yaroslav the Wise before the modernization, 20 pieces of watches will be made in cases with and without gilding. The numbering (located on the watch face by analogy with the dials of the marine chronometer) will be sequential as the order for the watch is received.

Цена: 65 000 рублей


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