Gents Quartz Watch 2115/230.0.444

Both case and band are made of fiberglass. The wristwatch has a bold and aggressive sport design, which was developed in accordance with the properties of the material and durability requirements. A well-balanced combination of high performance with an original sporty style is perfect for sailors, yachtsmen and active lifestyle enthusiasts.

The 48 mm diameter case features a tachymeter scale on the bezel. The fiberglass watchstrap with a buckle is firmly attached to the case. The mineral crystal alongside the screw-lock crown can withstand water pressure up to 20 atm.

Model 2115/230 is powered by the Miyota quartz movement with a calendar. The luminescent 24- hour analog dial absorbs and re- emits accumulated light.

This watch is sold in a waterproof case that keeps your timepiece safe and secure by blocking all the water. Different colour options are available.

*Fiberglass is a fiber-reinforced plastic, an extremely durable construction material based on epoxy. It outperforms many substances in terms of strength, weight, and other important properties. It is notable for being unaffected by the outdoor conditions and it is resistant to wind, temperature, and coldness (down to -40 °C). It is praised for its outstanding deformation resistance as it does not rot, rust or crack – perfect for outside use or in extreme locations. Even at 100 °C it remains unaffected.

** A tachymeter is a device that measures speed of a vehicle by calculating the distance covered and the time required to cover this distance. To gauge the average speed of an object using a tachymeter, you need to know how many seconds it takes a vehicle to cover 1km.

The position of the chronograph’s second hand with respect to the graduated bezel indicates the speed of a moving object.

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