Gents Quartz Watch 8270/230.5.440

We are happy to announce that a new watch is now available!

For the first time in watch history, a 6MX fiberglass watch was developed combining precision with exclusive sport design. This wristwatch meets all the requirements of a great yachtsmen’s watch. It easily withstands a wide spectrum of thermal conditions thanks to the material that significantly increases the useful service life of the timepiece.

 The 48 mm diameter case is equipped with a tachymeter scale on the bezel. The fiberglass watch strap with a buckle is firmly attached to the case. The mineral crystal alongside the screw-lock crown can withstand water pressure up to 20 atm.

 Quartz watch 8270/230 is available only in a blue case with a Swiss yacht timer (ISA) movement, which can count down the time until the start of a regatta. 


*Fiberglass * is a fiber-reinforced plastic, an extremely durable construction material. It is notable for not being affected by the outdoor conditions and it is resistant to wind, temperature, and coldness. It is also proven to be several times stronger than aluminum or PVC and it will not rust – perfect for outside use or in humid locations. Besides, its waterproof property makes fiberglass a perfect material for watchmaking.  

**A tachymeter -  is a device that measures speed by calculating the distance covered and the time required to cover this distance.  

The position of the chronograph second hand with respect to the graduated bezel indicates the speed of a moving object. 


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Small series workshop based on the Poljot Watch Factory
in the 1940s.