9132/777.6.718 "Valentin Pikul"

Based on the flagship model of the "777" wristwatch, we offer the "777. Valentin Pikul" with a portrait of the cabin boy V. Pikul on the dial.

 We will make these watches for everyone until the end of 2023. In 2023, a "round" date will be celebrated - 95 years since the birth of Valentin Savvich Pikul. Number of wristwatches in.The pickle will be limited to the total number of all 6MX "777" watch models in a gold-plated case. (We have only 100 gold-plated cases and mechanisms designed for the "777" model).

Watch model "777. Valentin Pikul" has a round case with a diameter of 42 mm, in which a Japanese self–winding mechanism 9132 Miyota is installed, the location of the arrows in this mechanism repeats the location of the arrows of the marine chronometer "6MX" - known to all sailors of the world of the marine instrument of exact time. Like the marine chronometer, there is a power reserve indicator (up to 40 hours) at the "12" o'clock mark. And between the axis of the hands and the "6" o'clock mark is a 24–hour scale useful for seafarers (the marine chronometer in this place has a second hand of the clock). Digitization (writing numbers) for this watch is made in the proprietary factory font used on the marine chronometer.

The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. The leather belt has rigid inserts for a tight fit to the body. In the screw-down lid of the watch there is an insert in the form of a washer made of metal that used to be part of the ship.

Each watch is tested for the ability to withstand water pressure of 10 atmospheres.

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