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6MX CUP - 2022

Exactly a week ago, on October 8, 2022, the next sailing competitions "6MX Cup" took place in Pirogovo near Moscow. Recall that in our country, sailing regattas that bear the name of watch brands have never been held.


The 6MX Cup is the second sailing competition organized by the watch factory together with its Partner, the X-Sailing Club sailing Club. The first regatta took place in Sevastopol in 2021 - it was a team race, when the result was calculated based on the total result of a team of two boats. The "6MX Cup" of 2022 was held in the double hand format - there are only two yachtsmen in the boat.



Almost 20 crews took part in the regatta, which lasted literally all day. The wonderful weather added to the participants' good mood. And four crews - 8 people - took away the 6MX watches provided by the factory as prizes from the competition. The "Ocean Racer" fiberglass watch is a great option for ocean sailing races when you have to cross more than one time zone.

The 6MX Cup sailing competitions ended with an award ceremony and a friendly buffet, during which the plant's employees took the opportunity to discuss the functionality and operation features of the new 6MX yacht timer, which was manufactured by the plant and put into mass production at the end of August 2022. Dialogue with the consumer is an important tool in the work and the basis of the plant's activities when producing watches under the trademark "6MX".

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