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Happy Cosmonautics Day

For some, Space is something that is higher than the clouds, for some-it's spaceships and astronauts with whom you can take pictures, for some-it's just something beyond the limit, (for example, prices in supermarkets). For our manufactory, this is work and a huge responsibility, and a milestone in the history of our enterprise.

It was in the small-batch workshop, which has been producing marine precision time devices since 1947, that the electro-mechanical backup timer for the Vostok 1 spacecraft was developed and released, on which Yuri Gagarin realized the dream of humanity. And thanks to this timer, the rocket with the cosmonaut was able to stay in orbit. The main developer of this timer, Alexander Kryukov, worked as a designer of our factory. Sergey Pavlovich Korolev invited him to all spacecraft launches as a consultant on the technical instruments of the ship's control system.

And to this day, we do not stop producing complex equipment for a wide variety of industries at our plant. Our mechanisms and devices pass military acceptance and serve for the benefit of the country. And the milestone of the "space history" of our enterprise is forever in our memory.

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Small series workshop based on the Poljot Watch Factory
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