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At the beginning of September, we launched the production of two models from our collection in fiberglass cases.

Did you know that fiberglass is a fiberglass-based polymer with increased strength and lightness? In 2017 the 6MX manufacture announced a release of a new watch collection made of this innovative material. Since then, several thousand fiberglass watches have been manufactured and sold. The most popular model in the collection has a yacht timer function. It does not come as a surprise that many yachtsmen have become the owners of these wristwatches.

A world-famous Russian  yachtsman Igor Zaretsky  took part in the creation process of one of the new models. The key concept developed from a conversation in which he shared his views on what features a wristwatch should have for sea and ocean travel. These are the ship's time, the current time zone, and a 24-hour scale for polar latitudes and submariners. And, of course, all watches of this model are waterproof up to 20 atm, as required for all timepieces designed for maritime activities. This new model has recently entered the collection of two of the world's famous yachtsmen: Igor Zaretsky and Jean-Luc Van Deng Head. No complaints. Only positive feedback.


The second model of the watch in a grey fiberglass case is notable for the fact that the battery installed in the Seiko quartz movement is charged from the solar battery placed under the translucent dial of the watch. Once fully charged, the watch works for at least 90 days. The battery has a service life of over 12 years. In addition, more important, it can be charged even from the weakest light source.

The functionality of this new model is impressive: it allows you to use the watch as a split-chronograph to measure several time intervals simultaneously up to 30 minutes. At 3 o’clock, the 24-hour scale informs about the time of day. The date "window" is located between "4" and "5" o’clock. The second hand of the chronograph at 6 o'clock indicates the battery level.

We will be glad if our new watch collection delights its owners.


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