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The watch manufactory 6MX has been providing all possible support to the yachting sport of the country for the past five years. At many yacht competitions, yachtsmen receive certificates as a gift, giving the opportunity to buy watches with a significant discount, or receive our watches as a gift.

In this news article, we want to tell you about the plant's partner, the X-Sailing Club company. The sails of this particular club proudly wear the "6MX" logo at the regattas in Pirogovo and in Sevastopol. And the X-Sailing club also offers everyone a watch that our factory produces. Employees of the plant regularly take part in regattas under the sails of the club, joining sailing.

We offer everyone to visit the official website of the yacht club, as well as a store where you can buy not only watches, but also a ticket to the world of sailing!

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x sailing 2021 2

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