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Our watch production congratulates the seafarers on the holiday!

CUP 6MX. Watch manufactory 6MX will be the organizer of the sailing regatta

CUP 6MX. Watch manufactory 6MX will be the organizer of the sailing regatta

"6MX CUP" - a new format of team races in the mx700 yacht class will be held under this name, which will be held by the partners of the X-SAILING CLUB and the LAHTA TROPHY RACE within the framework of the All-Russian Cup of Team Races for keel yachts and the X-sailing Club Cup.



On the most beautiful sailing barque in the world, the Kruzenshtern, there is a modest corner with an exposition of the 6MX watch manufactory, where models of wristwatches dedicated to the sailboat and made at different times are presented. As well as a 6MX marine chronometer and a 6MX deck clock that participated in the Kruzenshtern round-the-world expedition. It is a great honor if the captain of the barge Mikhail Petrovich Eremchenko personally introduces you to the exposition.
1 muz Kruz
Our factory is proud of its friendship with the Kruzenshtern team. We are very grateful to all of them! After all, it is on the BGARF sailboats that all our "sea" watches are tested by sea before their mass production begins.
2 muz Kruz
3 muz Kruz
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The watch manufactory "6MX" has relations with shipbuilders, as well as with representatives of the civil and naval fleets, rooted in the years of the founding of the watch factory, known worldwide as "Flight", the First Moscow Watch Factory. In the workshop of small series, since the Soviet era, marine instruments of accurate time are produced, installed on every Russian ship. For shipbuilders, the manufactory produces marine chronometers and deck clocks, and they communicate with commanders, captains and their assistants on the maintenance of these time devices. So the employees use the opportunity to communicate with people of maritime professions. And it is for them, sailors, since 2016, the factory has been producing wristwatches under the brand "6MX". That, however, does not prevent the "6MX" watch from being popular with ordinary buyers – all watches are of excellent quality and with an interesting history of their creation.

777 0  777 1 

Since the middle of 2020, a watch model under the number "777" has been manufactured in the workshops of "6MX". Several dozen people have already become owners of these watches.


A special feature of this model is the dial that repeats the location of the hands and fonts of the dial of the marine chronometer, as well as the insert on the back cover of the watch, which is made of metal that previously served as a part of the ship.

The idea of creating this watch arose back in 2018 as a result of communication with naval officers. The topic of ship repair, sawing of old ships, as a result of which metals are recycled for further use, was discussed. It was very difficult to find metals that would meet the anti-corrosion requirements. But Navy officers interested in such watches found stainless steel parts left after the ship's modernization. From these parts, inserts for the back cover of the watch were made, carrying the" DNA " of the ship.


As a result of the modernization of the patrol ship of the project 11540 " Yaroslav the Wise "(tail number" 777"), the masters of the plant received stainless steel parts that have served their time for processing into watch parts.

777 012


These details became inserts in the back cover of the model " 777 " of the 6MX watch.

777 013


In the near future, "6MX" is preparing for the release of a limited series of watches of the "777" model, on the dial of which there will be an image of the "watchman ""Yaroslav the Wise" , with an insert on the lid bearing the " DNA " from this glorious warship. 20 pieces of watches of this series will include in the price a model of a ship with the tail number "777", made by the Severodvinsk workshop"Pomorsky Modelist".


777 015 777 016


"It's better than for recycling," the sailors say about the second life of the spent part. We fully agree with them!!!


P.S. Information about the possibility of making a pre-order for the production of the Yaroslav the Wise watch complete with a ship model can be obtained on the manufactory's that website.

Corporate Regatta 2021

Corporate Regatta 2021

On August 10, 2021, the employees of the watch production took part in the corporate regatta in Pirogovo. Ten crews fought for a set of medals. As a result, friendship and a good mood won!

Our company expresses its gratitude to the partner of the plant, the company "X-Sailing club" for organizing a wonderful event and for a delicious pilaf!












The watch manufactory 6MX has been providing all possible support to the yachting sport of the country for the past five years. At many yacht competitions, yachtsmen receive certificates as a gift, giving the opportunity to buy watches with a significant discount, or receive our watches as a gift.

In this news article, we want to tell you about the plant's partner, the X-Sailing Club company. The sails of this particular club proudly wear the "6MX" logo at the regattas in Pirogovo and in Sevastopol. And the X-Sailing club also offers everyone a watch that our factory produces. Employees of the plant regularly take part in regattas under the sails of the club, joining sailing.

We offer everyone to visit the official website of the yacht club, as well as a store where you can buy not only watches, but also a ticket to the world of sailing!

x sailing 2021 1

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Congratulations on the Navy Day 2021!

Congratulations on the Navy Day 2021!

We sincerely congratulate the sailors and the whole country on the Day of the Navy! We wish you all a peaceful sky over your head!

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Restoration of the clock

Restoration of the clock

At the watch manufactory "6MH" you can not only buy new watches, but also restore old ones. We carry out restoration work of any complexity: from restoring the appearance of the watch to manufacturing and replacing faulty parts of the mechanism.



Friends and business Partners of the watch manufactory "6MX" have very important dates this year! The Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet (BGARF) celebrates its 55th anniversary. And two more dates for two of the most beautiful large sailing ships in the country: 100 years of the barque "Sedov" and 95 years of the barque "Krusenstern".


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