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6MX is a small-scale machine shop founded on the basis of the Poljot Moscow Watch Factory in the 1940s. Since 1947 it has been producing marine chronometers labelled 6MX. The name was officially registered as a trademark in 2016. Today the manufacture offers a fine selection of both marine timepieces and water-resistant wristwatches under its trademark.
Perfect accuracy and precision of our marine chronometers and deck watches are the fruit of hard work, commitment, and exquisite craftsmanship of our specialists. 6MX highly accurate marine timepieces are included in Lloyd's Register for ships as an essential navigation appliance, as well as in the State Register of Measuring Instruments approved within the Russian territory and ensuring the uniformity of measurements.
Since 1947 marine chronometers handcrafted by 6MX have kept time aboard all military and civilian vessels in Russia. 6MX wristwatches are also highly praised for their exceptional quality by specialists working under conditions of high humidity, especially in professional diving and military service.
Harmoniously blending tradition and modernity, 6MX introduces innovative polymers in case design. Watches in a fiberglass case are a perennial favourite of yachtsmen and adherents of a healthy lifestyle.
years is needed to manufacture a marine chronometer
was marked by the beginning of the serial production of marine chronometers
elements constitute the Gall's chain in a marine chronometer
seconds per day is the acceptable tolerance of a 6MX marine chronometer


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Fyodor Filippovich Konyukhov Explorer

Thanks to friends and ambassadors of the 6MX brand our watches have visited both poles of the Earth, travelled deep underwater, and conquered numerous mountain peaks. Our creations have also been members of several circumnavigations of the world and regattas. Moreover, the team of the yacht Vento competes in races with the 6MX logo on their sails.

Игорь Зарецкий Яхтсмен

Часы палубные Иван Айвазовский

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Small series workshop based on the Poljot Watch Factory
in the 1940s.